Learn more about Salary Protection

If you couldn’t work tomorrow, how would you pay the bills?

With Salary Protection from Liberty's direct life insurance services you’ll be able to safeguard your salary in the event that you cannot perform your job for a period of time, due to illness or injury. We’re not always as in control of life as we’d like to be. In the event of you being unable to work, Liberty's direct life insurance offers a reliable means of income, through monthly payouts, until you can work again.

How much cover will you get?

The amount of cover you’ll get will be based on a number of factors, some being your individual risk profile and your monthly premium. You can give a obligation-free quote based on your own details


Within the first 90 days of your policy, you’ll be able to get all required blood tests done for free by our Nurses on Wheels, who will come to you. In addition, you can apply to increase your cover at any time with Liberty’s Salary Protection.